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  • Community Events

    Stroller Strides & Gentle Sleep Training Workshop

    Irvine & Tustin Mom Group for New & Expecting Moms

    Join us for Stroller Strides at 9:30am and then a workshop at 10:30 on gentle sleep training methods for infants and toddlers. Sophia Carr, from Force of Nature OC, is a certified Bradley Method birthing instructor, certified labor and birth...

    Deerfield Park Int (M) & ABOVE SAND VOLLEYBALL

    Orange County Volleyball Association

    We do ask you be intermediate (M, H) to advanced in your level of play in order to have competitive and fun games. INTERMEDIATE (M): have OK fundamentals and can control their hits, serves, passes and sets more than 60% of the time. Need to work...

    Beginners/ Gentle Yoga With Christiana

    Tustin Yoga Group

    Enjoy this active, yet easy-going flow of seated and floor-based gentle yoga. This class is designed to promote stress-relief, pain-relief, and anxiety management through a flowy sequence of practical stretching poses matched with deep breathing....

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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